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Why Do People Wear Their Wedding Ring On Their Left Hand?

Another set practice when getting married is to place the engagement ring and the wedding band on the left hand on the finger next to your pinky.  this finger has now adopted the name “the ring finger”.  Ive always wonder why, what is the meaning of this?

Ive done a bit of research and there are numerous explanations I have come across that I would like to share with you:

Explanation 1:  After marriage, the ring is worn on the hand it had been placed on during the ceremony. By wearing rings on the fourth finger of their left hands, a married couple symbolically declares their eternal love for each other. This has now become a matter of tradition and etiquette in some countries. However, the most widely accepted explanation is that because the majority of people are right-handed, wearing the ring on the left hand makes it less likely to be damaged or lost during everyday activities.

Explanation 2:  It’s a cultural thing. in Spain, they wear their wedding rings on their right hand. If you are a nun, your wedding ring is the clothes you wear. Amish men grow beards to show they are married. it’s a way to show you are faithful to the person you are married to, as well as tell the other sex you are no longer available.

Explanation 3:  It is customary to wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand because in ancient times it was believed that there was a vein that ran directly from this finger to the heart, connecting that finger to the heart, and making it the most appropriate for a ring which symbolizes the love and devotion two people share.  It therefore became tradition.

I’m a hopeless romantic so I would like to believe in the third explanation that the finger has a vein running to the heart which symbolizes the love and devotion two people share, but whatever your take on it is, it boils down to traditions.  Its funny how we often adopt customs not knowing the meaning behind it, and we assume that since its been done for years that it must be right.  We don’t stop to think that it probably originated in a time where it was necessary and might not be the case in this time in age.

My thought on it is, even though some traditions don’t make sense, some are so beautiful and meaningful that it makes me think “do we really need to know why?”.   Whatever your traditions are, Its up to you to create your own special meaning that is close to your heart and makes your day that much more special.


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